jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Sentir a través de las paredes / Sense through the walls


Misión : Permitir al soldado detectar, localizar y sentir personas tras paredes, puertas y otros obstáculos a distancia.
El AN/PPS-26 (STTW) dará a las pequeñas unidades alerta situacional en áreas urbanas. Será utilizado a través de paredes no metálicas para detectar objetivos móviles o estacionarios. Funciona con baterías AA.
Mission : Allows the Soldier to detect, locate, and “sense” personnel behind walls, doors, and other visible obstructions from a standoff distance.
The AN/PPS-26 Sense Through The CA)Wall (STTW) system will provide Soldiers and small units with improved situational awareness (SA) in urban areas. The STTW devices will be used through non-metallic exterior and interior walls to detect both
moving and stationary targets while being operated in either a standoff or against the wall capacity. The handheld STTW system will provide a real-time SA capability to the individual Soldier in built-up areas. It is powered by AA Lithium batteries.

L3 Range-R

L3 Emmdar